Geography Supported Cosmetic Services

Athreva will accompany you through all the steps involved in placing your cosmetic products on the market, worldwide.

  • Product Information File (PIF) creation. The challenge lies in the production and storage of large amounts of documentation. If in case same product label and name are used for a given concentration and combination of ingredients, at that point only one PIF is required. But if, the labels are personalized, and the product name changes for each customer despite dealing with the same formula, different PIFs will have to be generated and stored as different labels represent various products.
  • Athreva has independent third-party verification partners and sign-off by experienced, internationally recognized, and board-certified safety assessors
  • Safety assessment report that can be useful for meeting local regulatory requirements.
  • The Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) online notification for European Union (EU).
  • Compile all documents required for cosmetic product notification
  • Prepare a check list for cosmetic product notification requirements
  • Place all the documents through electronic notification portal.
  • Submission of documents in person.

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