Formulation Compliance

  • Ingredient assessment
  • Formula review
  • Consultation on choosing the right ingredients
  • Pre-formulation regulatory assessment
  • Correct International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI)
  • Colorants and fragrances review

Label Compliance

Cosmetic product label review for the information to be mentioned on the label for product compliance in terms of

  • Information required as per HA requirement
  • Product name
  • Net weight
  • Direction of use
  • Warning
  • Label claims
  • Manufacturing address
  • Distribution address
  • Expiry date
  • Lot number / Batch number
  • Ingredients information
  • Barcode

Information like (name of product, manufacturing address, responsible person address, net weight, expiry date, batch number, bar code details.)

Content should be classified into Principal Display Panel (PDP) and information panel.

Prepare INCI list, list to be included on the product label.

Review for label claims, cosmetic claims vs. therapeutic claims.

Claims Assessment

Claims are considered as the most powerful tool for the marketing process of your cosmetics.  It allows you to differentiate your product from other brands. Nevertheless, you cannot claim anything you want. You need to prove each claim that appears on your packaging through various methods.

Legal Representative

Partner with Athreva and choose the best way to substantiate your claim. We offer:

  • Claims review
  • Claims consultation
  • Claims substantiation
  • Scientific support through literature reviews

Product Classification

Cosmetic products are classified into various categories based upon their function to beautify. Athreva offers classification of your products in accordance with regulatory bodies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), South Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) etc.

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